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Heating water from your solar panels

Solar thermal systems have come along way ijn recent years but the expense and maintenance has made them less desirable than their electricity producing alternatives.

By installing an Iboost with you Solar system not only will you benefit from free electricity you will also use any excess electricity to heat your hot water tank.


How does it work?

The iBoost

The iBoost is a simple unit that uses a wireless transmitter to tell it when you are producing electricity that you are not using. This electricity is then redirected to your immersion heater.

The iBuddy

The iBuddy is a useful little monitor that will tell you how much electricity you are producing, how much you are exporting and uses a simple traffic light system to let you know when you could be using more free electricity.


Cut your heating bills dramatically, especially in the summer months. Most domestic systems can be fitted in a couple of hours. These systems are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

The 2 parts of the Solar iBoost+ system talk to each other wirelessly. There’s a Sender that measures how much electricity is being exported and transmits information to the actual Solar iBoost+ itself. This responds by releasing the free energy available to heat up water in your tank. iBoost iBuddy is a new home energy monitor that connects wirelessly to your Solar iBoost+. It tells you when there’s spare energy and remotely reads and controls the Solar iBoost+

Thanks to no moving parts the iBoost like the rest of your solar system requires no maintenance. This is an essential addition to any solar system.