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Battery Storage is here!

Battery Storage

Rather than exporting your excess electricity to the grid why not increase your return on investment by storing the energy for later use?

With one of our battery systems we can take you one step closer to complete energy independance.

For information on how we could intergrate a battery system into your existing system please call us.


How it works
How to install


Storage Battery?

Solar Storage Batteries allow you to store energy generated by your solar panels for use day, night or anywhere in between. A storage battery ranges from the size of a small desktop computer to the size of a dishwasher.

Why install a storage battery?

Although solar panels themselves are a valuable asset, both financially and environmentally, you can increase the benefits of solar with a storage battery. Using excess electricity as you need it rather than exporting it to the grid.
The installation of a battery would not affect any ROC payments you may be receiving.

Save more with storage

Your storage battery would charge up during the day and discharge stored energy in the evenings, which tends to be the peak time for energy usage. So, you could rely less on purchasing energy from your supplier at these times. There are even some battery manufacturers stating that you can shave an extra 50% off of your energy bill with a battery, when compared to just solar panels alone.

Be self sufficient

You could increase the self-sufficiency of your property and reduce reliance on grid energy. Some batteries even offer back-up electricity during power cuts and storms.