Will I need planning permission?

You will not need planning permission unless you live in a conservation area or a listed building.

Can I sell the electricity I generate?

Yes you can. This is the beauty of the generation tariff, you get paid for everything you produce whether you use it or not, plus anything you don't use gets exported back to the grid which you get paid a little bit more for.

How much will I be paid for the electricity I generate?

For every kilowatt you produce you will be paid 11.7 pence, plus an extra 4.01 pence for every kilowatt you export. This may not sound like a huge number but over the course of a year your solar installation will produce thousands of kilowatts making this a smart investment.

Will my roof be strong enough?

Most roofs are strong enough for this sort of home improvement but just to be sure we check the structural integrity of your roof when we do our solar survey.

How much space do I need for a solar PV installation?

Each kilowatt of PV takes up around 6 - 8m2, depending on the panel design and manufacturer.

Can I get a grant?

Not currently but if any grants become available we will make sure you are informed.

How long will my installation take to complete?

An average sized installation (3kW) should be completed in 2-3 days, although this can vary depending on the weather conditions.

How much do solar PV panels weigh?

Depending on the manufacturer the panels can range between 15 – 20 kg each.

How fragile are solar PV panels?

The front of the solar panels, the bit you see, is very strong. As part of the rigorous testing these panels undergo to ensure they meet UK and MCS standards they are subjected to having a 50mm ball bearing fired at them at 30mph to ensure they are tough enough to withstand vandals or the elements.

Do I need to contact building control and let them know I intend to install a solar system?

Yes you do but don't worry we will take care of all that for you.

What is a kWh?

A kWh is a measurement given to 1000watts of electricity produced in 1 hour. Or a unit of electricity as you see on your bills.

Will I need to contact my electricity supplier?

No, we can arrange all the paperwork so you don't need to change suppplier

Does the system need batteries?

None of our systems require batteries. We can install a battery system if you do not wish to be connected to the grid, however, we do not reccommned this as it is very expensive to maintain and highly inefficient.

Does the location of my property make a difference to the amount of electricity I can produce?

Ideally you want to have a south or south west facing roof with no shading from trees or chimneys.